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Our Products: Gags > Other Gags

Pony Bit Gag, Open Mouth Piss Gag:

Here we have a selection of miscellanous gags. We offer a pony bit gag for those looking to enjoy a little pony or horsy play. We also have a wide open piss gag designed for those with a piss or scat fetish. This gag is also good for those looking to make their slave into a human ashtray. We also offer a simple gag strap designed to keep a submissive from removing anything a dominant may choose to insert in the slaves mouth, like a pair of mistress's panties.

Sort by:
Rubber Pony Bit Gag
Price $28.90

Snaffle Split Bit Pony Gag
Price $48.90

Hard Plastic Open Mouth Gag
Price $38.90

Pony Bit Gag with Guidance Rings
Price $36.90


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